Sunday, June 8, 2014


For Young Women's in Excellence, we had a Personal Progress Pageant. 

1.  The girls dressed up in prom dresses, either their own or some we borrowed--This gave us the opportunity to "enforce" and talk about modesty, too--and we made banners out of three inch, white ribbon with the name of their value written (sewn) on it.

2. We set up an archway similar to those put together for wedding receptions, placed a red "rug" (I used three, brick red bath towels lined side by side to form a platform), and then outlined a runway with crepe paper. 

3. One of the fathers was our MC. He called each girl out, one at a time, from the curtain behind the archway (the cultural hall room dividers), asked her to tell about what she'd been doing in Personal Progress this past year, and then asked her a random, "silly" question from a box which another advisor had prepared earlier.

4. The girls stood on the platform, received a rose and a crown-shaped handout which referenced the D&C scripture about inheriting principalities, etc, answered their questions, then walked the runway.  During and after, another father took their pictures. The girls really liked this event--they planned it, actually--we had a good turn out, and it's my hope that they not only felt like Young Women in Excellence, but that their feelings about Personal Progress improved.

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