Sunday, June 8, 2014

PEOPLE ARE THE SAME By Ronda Hinrichsen

When I first journeyed out into the "world," I was a naive, sheltered Mormon who expected "the people" to be different, and the world clouded with "evil." Hence, I was frightened. But now more years than I want to admit later, I know I was wrong. Most of the people in the world are good, and most of them are just like me. True, we have different customs, different economic circumstances, and different viewpoints, but almost everyone loves someone, almost everyone is willing to help a stranger, and almost everyone seeks acceptance.That is why I thought other  "people watchers," especially writers, would like to see a few of the "people" pictures my family took when we were last in Europe.  Along with the pictures, I have included "truths" I've learned about people.

Truth One:  Everyone likes to stand with the guard. The first picture is in Rome, Italy, and the second is in London England.
Truth Two: Even mermaids need money (Rome, Italy).
Truth Three: Italian gelato is "to die for" better than ice cream, day or night.
Truth Four: Everyone has a twin--even if it's a several hundred year old statue in the Vatican. Note: The likeness would have been more pronounced if our camera had worked when our "subject" was face to face with his "twin."

Truth Five: There are lots of "people watchers" in the world (from the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy).
Truth Six: Love makes you feel like you can fly.
Photos by Rolin Hinrichsen.

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